The Timeless Elegance of a Wingback Chair for Your Living Room

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In the world of interior design, the wingback chair has stood the test of time as a classic piece of furniture. Its elegant shape, with a tall backrest and curved wings that enclose the seated person, has been around for centuries and continues to be a popular choice for living rooms. 

With various styles and designs available, from traditional to modern, a wingback chair can easily complement any decor theme. We’ll explore the timeless elegance of a wingback chair and how it can elevate the look and feel of your living room.

Styles of Wingback Chairs

Traditional Wingback Chairs

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Traditional wingback chairs are a classic style of chair that has been around for centuries. These chairs are often made of wood and feature intricate carvings and detailing, giving them an elegant and sophisticated look. 

The upholstery on a traditional wingback chair is typically made of high-quality materials like leather or thick, durable fabric. Many traditional wingback chairs also feature tufting or nail head trim, adding to their refined appearance.

These chairs are often used in formal living rooms or studies and can provide a comfortable and stylish seating option.

Modern Wingback Chairs

Stede Chair 

Modern wingback chairs are an updated take on the traditional wingback chair, which has been a popular chair style for centuries. While traditional wingback chairs are often seen in formal settings with ornate designs and heavy upholstery, modern wingback chairs are designed with a sleeker look. 

These chairs often feature a metal frame, which gives them a more minimalist look than their traditional counterparts. They may also feature unique features like a swivel base or an adjustable headrest, which adds to their functionality and modern design.

Slipper Wingback Chairs

Thierry Accent Chair 

Slipper wingback chairs are a more contemporary take on the traditional wingback chair. They are designed with a lower profile and a smaller footprint, which makes them perfect for smaller spaces. 

Unlike traditional wingback chairs, which often have a high back and arms that curve outwards, slipper wingback chairs have a lower back and no arms. 

Despite their smaller size, slipper wingback chairs are still comfortable and supportive, making them a popular choice for those who want the style of a wingback chair but have limited space.

Incorporating a Wingback Chair into Your Living Room Decor

A wingback chair can be a statement piece in your living room decor. Here are some tips on how to incorporate one into your space:

Pair with a Sofa 

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A wingback chair is an excellent choice to pair with a sofa. To create a cohesive look, it’s important to choose a complementary colour and style.

For example, if your sofa is a neutral beige or grey, a wingback chair in a rich navy blue or forest green can add a pop of colour and contrast. Or, if your sofa is a bold pattern, choose a wingback chair in a solid colour that complements one of the hues in the sofa’s pattern.

Use as a Focal Point

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Placing your wingback chair in a prominent location, such as in front of a fireplace or next to a large window, can draw the eye and make the chair the star of the room. To make the most of your wingback chair as a focal point, consider arranging other furniture and decor around it to complement its style and colour scheme. 

Mix and Match

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When decorating with wingback chairs, feel free to stick to one specific style or colour. Mixing and matching different wingback chairs can be a great way to add visual interest and create an eclectic look in your living room. 

For example, you could pair a traditional leather wingback chair with a modern fabric one or mix and match colours and patterns to create a more playful vibe. 

To ensure your mixed and matched wingback chairs look cohesive, try to find common threads between them, such as a similar shape or material. 

Add a Throw Pillow

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A throw pillow can provide additional support and cushioning while sitting, making your chair even more enjoyable to use. Additionally, choosing a pillow in a complementary colour or pattern can add a pop of visual interest to your chair and help tie it into the overall design scheme of your room. 

Layer with a Rug 

Virna Extra Large Rug 

If you want to add warmth and texture to your living room, consider layering a rug underneath your wingback chair. It can help anchor the piece and make it feel more grounded in the space. Plus, a rug can add an extra layer of softness underfoot, making your seating area feel more inviting and cosy. 


What is the history of the wingback chair?

The wingback chair originated in 17th-century England, where it was designed to keep the warmth from the fireplace in and drafts out. The high back and wings provided a shield from the cold while the upholstery provided comfort. Over time, the wingback chair evolved to become a symbol of luxury and sophistication, gracing the homes of the wealthy and aristocratic.

What materials are wingback chairs made of?

Regarding wingback chairs, the materials used can vary widely depending on the chair’s style, design, and intended use. Some wingback chairs may feature a wooden frame crafted from a range of hardwoods like oak, mahogany, or walnut. 

These frames may be left natural or finished with a stain or paint to complement the other materials used in the chair.One of the most popular materials for wingback chairs is leather. 

Leather chairs can offer a luxurious and classic look and are often used in traditional or formal settings. Leather can be sourced from various animals like cows, goats, or sheep and treated and dyed in multiple colours.

Can a wingback chair be used in a small living room?

Yes, a wingback chair can be a perfect fit for a small living room, especially if you opt for a slipper wingback chair. These chairs have a shorter backrest and a smaller footprint, which can help save space while still adding a touch of elegance to your decor. 

How do I choose the right wingback chair for my living room?

To pick the perfect wingback chair for your living room, consider factors such as the chair’s style, size, colour, and material. You need to ensure that the chair complements your existing decor and doesn’t clash with it. 

Additionally, it’s essential to test the chair’s comfort by sitting in it and checking if it suits your needs, such as providing enough lumbar support or having the right armrest height.


A wingback chair is a classic piece of furniture that can add elegance and sophistication to your living room. With its high backrest and armrests, a wingback chair provides a cosy and inviting place to sit and relax.

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, there is a wide range of wingback chairs to choose from that can fit your decor. Consider incorporating one into your living room for a timeless look that will never go out of style.

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